It's so easy to deploy lab in cPod. Today, you will discover how to deploy VCF in a cPod and even to add another cPod as Workload Domain.

I have added a couple of scripts and conf files to do this easy task, let's go to deploy your first VCF and get trained for production environment.

#1 - Create a cPod with 4 ESX and deploy CloudBuilder OVA:

Obvious because now you are familiar with cPod

#2 - VCF needs vmk0 and all PNICs with VLAN, a scripts doing that:

Updating /etc/hosts, dnsmasq.conf and bgpd.conf directly on conresponding cPodRouter
You see here 2 PNICs on Trunk portgroup and also 5 disks are attached: 1 disk for ESX hypervisor, 2 disks for vSAN cache and 2 disks for vSAN capacity

#3 - Generate CloudBuilder json file, dnsmasq & bgpd conf files in context for cPodRouter and launch the prerequisites check:

Updating /etc/hosts, dnsmasq.conf and bgpd.conf directly on conresponding cPodRouter + generating json for cloudbuilder and trigger prerequesites check via REST call
validation is on going

#4 - Check the status and launch deployment:

deployment is finished, let's play with sddcmanager and delete cloudbuilder vm 
json file was created with the cPod FQDN as SSO domain, look at username
Ready to activate vSphere with Kubernetes for Tanzumania

Conclusion: It's pretty easy to play with VCF @ cPodFactory. You will also able to setup Kubernetes in Workload Domain with the SDDC Manager "Solutions" Option.

Easy, fast, reliable and manage full lifecycle - a no brainer for those who have to run modern apps in k8s.