Now you have deployed a VCF cPod, it's time to activate kubernetes.

#1 - Go to SDDC Manager and click on deploy in solutions, pretty simple:

Select this options and click on deploy
Select all and go
Select the vSphere cluster from the WLD
Validation is ok, next
after this, finish setup into VCSA

#2 - Complete the setup into VCSA

The cl01 cluster is selected
tiny because it's a lab
put things according your env
Ingress and Egress are arbitrary because managed by NSX-T in overlay and routed via BGP 
vSAN the first choice but not only
That's it, it's deployed. How long it takes for a vanilla kube cluster? Too long for me, I prefer VCF for that.

#3 - Consume kube + vSphere

Everything is up and running, let's consomue kube

Conclusion: it's very simple, quick and obvious to use VCF to run modern apps. It leverages all good features of kube + vSphere together -  super dope to able to run production workload and let VCF to upgrade all that stuffs automaticaly.